Connecting communities through film atLondon’s biggest documentary festival

Open City Documentary

Film Festival 2016

June 2016

Open City Documentary Festival is the one of the UK's biggest film festivals dedicated solely to the art of documentary film making. Following on from the new identity we designed for them the previous year, OCDF wanted to promote their 2016 festival with new campaign graphics. The festival needed to team up their new identity with a theme that would attract the attention of potential visitors, whilst raising the profile of the festival in London.

Building on last years concept of space and community, this year's aesthetic took a new direction, with the introduction of a second brand colour. Using colour graded images and dynamic new layouts we created a 40 page festival programme, posters, flyers and digital presentations. The 2016 festival was once again well attended and well received by film enthusiasts and industry professionals, keeping Open City at the forefront of documentary festivals in the UK.

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